Incubadora de I’s: 30 Abril 2022

Comissão científica e organizadora: Ana Isabel Pereira, Helena Rodrigues.


A aplicação prática da Teoria de Aprendizagem Musical de Edwin Gordon com crianças de 4 a 5 anos

Notas biográficas

Natasha Sigmund devoted the last twenty five years to teaching music, from leading early childhood music classes to working with undergraduate students and music education professionals. Presently she is the choir director at Cinnaminson Middle School, Cinnaminson NJ. Prior to immigrating to the US in 1994, Natasha studied music from a very young age at Moscow’s Children’s Music Conservatory, then pursued her formal music education at Moscow State Teacher’s University, majoring in choral conducting and piano. Natasha holds Bachelor of Music Education and Master of Music Education degrees from Temple University. She has served as GIML faculty since 2007. Natasha is actively involved with professional development as a presenter at school in-services, GIML Workshops, GIML summer Certifications courses. In 2017, she spent a week at the University of Brasilia in Brasilia, Brazil to present a week-long workshop for the faculty of the University’s children’s music program. Mrs. Sigmund is a recipient of Presser Foundation award for her work in collecting and adapting authentic Russian music to early childhood and elementary music settings in the United States. Her work with children has been featured on American TV program Classroom Close-Up and One On One with Steve Audubato. Natasha’s song collection, “Growing Up With Music”, has been implemented by early childhood music professionals in the United States and abroad.

Publications: Growing Up With Music Song Books (author), Music Play 2 (contributor), Canti melodici e ritmici senza parole Vol. 2 (contributor), Q&A for MLT (contributor).

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