Workshop com Prof. Elizabeth Cassidy Parker: Fevereiro 2020

27 Fevereiro 2020 | Sala 416, Torre B, NOVA FCSH

Ciclo de Conferências e Workshops do Grupo de Educação e Desenvolvimento Humano (GEDH)

Data: 27 Fevereiro 2020

Local: Sala 416, Torre B, FCSH NOVA

Horários e dia da semana: Quinta, 18h00 às 21h00

Entrada livre

Elizabeth Cassidy Parker, Associate Professor of Music Education, Temple University

A specialist in developing healthy and resonant children’s singing voices in general and choral contexts, Elizabeth Cassidy Parker is Associate Professor of Music Education at Temple University and Co-Artistic Director of the Commonwealth Youthchoirs, a youth choral program serving more than 600 singers. Parker’s research focuses on gathering adolescent perspectives of music and identity. Her recently released book, Adolescents on Music, proposes a theory of adolescent musical identity development. Parker’s full bio can be found here.


Practice Session: I Love Music Because I Love My Voice. This session will focus on musical interactions that generate positive feelings about students’ singing voices. Activities will center on children ages 5-14. Vocal physiology, changing voices, and vocal health will be addressed.

Sobre Elizabeth Cassidy Parker:

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